Advertising Opportunities

Our advertising opportunities allow you to promote your business while giving back to local schools. Our ads reach more people for less money than any other advertising. School bus ads reach people downtown, uptown, in the suburbs, in neighborhoods, in shopping districts, on the way to work or on a leisurely drive home. Our ads reach people in places where other media can’t penetrate. Your ads will be seen everywhere when viewers are out and about and ready to respond.

Promote your business while giving back to local schools.

  • School Buses
  • Pickup trucks
  • Cargo vans
  • Box trailers
  • Box trucks
  • Website
  • Stadium


These ads create Top-of-Mind awareness by grabbing attention and stimulating interest
Unlike many other forms of advertising: these ads can’t be turned off


Travel consistent routes at peak times each day
Each ad can generate as much as 1,000,000 impressions per month

High value/Low cost:

Reach more people for less money than any other form of advertising
Cost per thousand impressions: less than $0.30
Target specific areas of town to send your ads.

Majority of your ad dollars go back to local schools.

Alpha Media advertising options VERSUS other forms of mobile advertising

  • City buses – Expensive and only seen in downtown, urban area by folks reading their phone instead of your ad ($2 CPM)
  • Mobile billboard trucks – Expensive. How do you know if that truck is really driving around all day? ($3 CPM)
  • Taxicabs – Small size and limited reach ($5 CPM)

Best yet – our advertising options benefit your community. Schools receive the majority of your ad dollars. A true Win-Win for you and your community.

Alpha Media advertising options VERSUS traditional media

  • Billboards don’t move. One billboard on a major highway runs $8,000+ per month. Your school bus ads will travel those same highways at 3% of that cost!
  • Radio ads are ineffective. Listeners change the channel to listen to iPods and CDs.
  • Viewers can’t fast forward through school bus ads. They are in your face!
  • Newspapers and magazines are outdated. Fewer people are reading magazines and newspapers than ever before.
  • TV ads = Expensive!

Alpha Media offers advertisers a low cost, high value alternative to traditional, boring media. The page can’t be turned, the channel can’t be changed. Our ads reach people in places where other media can’t penetrate. These ads provide a non-invasive, yet impactful and effective way to reach your audience!

WHY CHOOSE MOBILE ADVERTISING: Consumers today spend 25% more time out of their homes than they did 10 years ago. Print, television and radio advertising continues to be on the decline and the cost of advertising using these mediums is on the rise. The cost of an advertising campaign with Alpha Media has the lowest CPM of any of these mediums. Since 2003, American consumers spend 31% more time in their cars and spend an average of 18 hours traveling each week. Consumers are on the move and mobile advertising is the right medium to reach them.

The Facts:
•Americans spend an average of 18 hours per week in a car
•Mobile advertising is more effective at reaching the lucrative 25-35 year old demographic than traditional forms of advertising.
•Men between 18-34 years old, elusive to TV advertisers, respond and have more exposure to outdoor advertising.
•Mobile billboard displays have been determined to be the most effective form of advertising in both product sales and consumer awareness.
•Mobile billboards boost name recognition 15 X greater than any other form of advertising.
•Messages on outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate.
•80% those polled recall the specific companies and messages seen on mobile billboards.
•96% of respondents said mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising.
•The more miles Americans travel in-car each week, the less time they spend with television.
Arbitron, Inc., Arbitron Report: Outdoor Advertising and the Media Plan (2009), and InCar Study (2003).

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