Q: How does contracting with Alpha Media bring revenue to my school district?

A: Alpha Media specializes in partnering with school districts to sell ad space on their fleet of buses, maintenance vehicles, website as well as any other advertising the district would like us to sell (i.e. sports field naming rights, scoreboards, etc.). Alpha Media returns the majority of gross monthly revenue to the participating school district.

Q: What responsibility does the school district incur? Does it cost the school district anything to be a part of this program?

A: No, our program requires no effort, risk, or cost to your district. Alpha Media manages all facets of the program. This process takes advantage of a capital investment you have already made. While the buses are transporting students, they are earning money for your district.

Q: Do school bus ads cause safety issues?

A: School bus ads do not compromise the safety of the bus nor prevent it or its safety devices from being seen and recognized. School bus advertising has a 100% clean safety record.

Q: How have local communities responded?

A: Community support for this program has been very high as evident from local businesses eager to advertise and participate. Both parents and the community-at-large have been very supportive of the program as it helps to generate funding for local schools.

Q: Do these ads target the students?

A: No, these ads target the drivers and pedestrians outside of the bus, not the students on board. Our clients advertise to target those outside of the bus.

Q: What are the signs made of?

A: The ads are made of durable adhesive-back vinyl that adheres to the buses similar to a bumper sticker. Our ads are printed on vinyl that is both weather and fade resistant. The adhesive-backing will not damage the bus surface. Alpha Media can provide ad samples upon request.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the types of ads that can run?

A: Yes, each state’s regulations prohibit certain types of ads. Additionally, our school districts have final approval over all of the ads for any reason.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Rates vary by district. Contact Us for rates in your area.