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School Bus Ads come to new markets in new forms for Alpha Media

April 2nd, 2013 Posted by News No Comment yet

More and more states and school districts are seeing the great benefits that Alpha Media and school bus advertising programs will bring them.  More states have new legislation to allow advertisements to be sold on their school buses.  In addition, other school districts and government entities are contacting Alpha Media to sell advertising space on their fleet of vehicles made up of box truck ads, garbage truck or sanitation vehicle ads and more!  Now it isn’t just school districts that reap the rewards of partnering with Alpha Media!  We are proud that our idea has grown into new territories and segments.

We are connecting the business community to local governments and school districts through our unique advertising options.

CONTACT US today to learn how we can make money for your school district, government, department, organization, etc or if you would like more information on school bus ads or ads on other vehicles we offer!

Have you seen our school bus ads?

March 6th, 2013 Posted by News No Comment yet


Running from now through the end of day March 30, 2013 – Take a picture of one of the school bus ads you see on  your local school buses, send it to us and receive 20% off the monthly rate of your new school bus advertising campaign!


5 Reasons you should try school bus advertising NOW

March 6th, 2013 Posted by News No Comment yet

So why should you put your ad dollars in a school bus advertising campaign?  In a slow economy it is even more vital to ensure your ad dollars are spent wisely.  You want a ton of views without spending an arm and a leg.  School bus advertising will get that for you.  You also want ways to track your results.  School bus advertising will get that for you.

Your company probably gives back to various community initiatives already – the majority of your school bus advertising dollars are given back to local schools.  Expand your business while improving education.  Win-Win!

1. School bus ads are more cost effective than any other advertising available – CPM of less than $0.28 cents!
2. School bus ads cannot be turned off and ignored.  We change the channel during commercials while school bus ads draw you in.
3. Your school bus ads go to the same areas each day = consistency.  No more wasted ad dollars sending ads where they don’t need to go.
4. BRANDING – If Coke and Pepsi still feel branding is important, shouldn’t you?  Let our school bus advertising options make your company a household name!
5. Great PR!  Your school bus ads dollars help improve education in your area.  Tell your customers about it!  People like to support businesses who have a vested interest in improving the local community and schools.

New website launched!

February 15th, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

After months of planning, Alpha Media is excited to launch our new website. This website will showcase Alpha Media’s unique program that provides new revenue streams to school districts looking to counteract budget shortfalls. This new website will allow advertisers to find solutions to their marketing challenges. Our school bus and vehicle advertising options fit budgets of all sizes. Our school bus and vehicle advertising options can be your company’s sole advertising method or a nice compliment to your existing marketing mix.

Advertisements are now available in several new markets on school buses, box trucks, vans, trailers, website and many more. The majority of your ad dollars are given back to local schools.

We feel our new website allows users to quickly find the information for which you are looking. We all hate to have to navigate through confusing and complicated websites to get the information we need. We know your time is precious and want to make your advertising search easier.

Give us a call today and allow us to begin planning your new campaign that will deliver a stronger return on investment than you’ve ever experienced before!

We hope you enjoy our new website!